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May 7, 2004
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Ghostbusters page 1 by pant Ghostbusters page 1 by pant
Hi Again!
This is a page that I did in november ,to submit at the Editor of 88Mhp comics who was at research of an artist....
This page in page one of three.

please leave comments
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Damn. This is really intense! I feel that I would have liked the comic more if it was illustrated in the direction of your style. The comic is so soft and almost whimsical, at times, and I think some of this extreme edgy handsome stuff could have done it some good. Their covers were excellent but the innards were, nothing to awe at. The comic could have definitely benefited from your detailed and expressive work.
Itchyscratchy Dec 30, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, so much impresive detail here. Great work on the lineart and I love the angels and their poses.
those guys keep on looking sexy, the good thing about art is when it does not expire, your art has that quality in it its evergreen :blowkiss:
hey now i remember ! this was in penciljack forums hahaa !!!
matt-the-saint May 9, 2004
This page is really amazing. You have a huge amount of talent and I really like the style. My only real crit is that you should vary the size of the characters. All of them are big beefy guys. I think that's the thing that keeps this page at a nine instead of a ten. This page shows that you can do perspective, ou have strong story telling abilities you can get different angled shots, but can you draw non superman types? I know you can, but that's what someone looking at the piece could think. Change it up a bit. The Ghostbusters are more or less regular guys (unless it is differnt now than in the movies and cartoon). Make Egon (spelling?) skinny. You can leave the rest reasonably bulky (but I might make the cop pudgey just because). If you draw them without the heads, you should still be able to tell who's who. Other than that little critique, this page really kicks ass! I have no doubt that we'll soon be seeing your work on the racks. Keep it up.
Yay! It's nice to see someone who remembers the good ol' days with the original GBs....the movies are good, but nothing compares to the comic and the original cartoon. ^^ I'd like to see more of this.
Awesome! Great composition.. you have new fan: me :excited:
MadRob May 7, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fuckin' tight! Did they hire you?
pant May 7, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Unfortunately no! :(
But I'm sure that they miss a great artist :P
psychoheat May 7, 2004  Professional General Artist
exelent work on this, the layout of the panels is really good, and the story telling is really clear as well, very nice job
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